What To Do When EMail Is Not Sent?

I don’t know what  happened with the last WordPress upgrade, but my mail is not sent any longer through any contact form and that is very annoying.

I even installed the WP Mail SMTP plugin to test things and the test email is sent, but then the contact form mail disappears into I don’t know where. That is not very helpful when you want others to be able to reach you.

So what should I do? Leaving the email address open to spambots is not a good idea. There are a number of sites that give you a way to munge your email address, but then you have to do all your work in HTML mode or the effect disappears. I like to switch back and forth.

Then there is the other option to create your email as an image, but then why would I want to advertise is at all. But that gave me the idea to use a graphic of my choosing for the email link.

Here is the code for my email link:

<a href="mailto:myemail@domain.com?subject=Grafika: ">
<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-154" title="click to send email"
alt="click to send email" width="48" height="48" />click me</a>

and it looks like this:
click to send email

The following line of code will automatically put the chosen word (Grafika in this example) for the subject in to the subject box of the email.

<a href="mailto:myemail@domain.com?subject=Grafika: ">

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